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Canadian Youth Chess Championship

Entry Fees:
July 1-4, 2017:     C$275
On-site registrations (July 5th only by 10pm) C$325
Registrations after this time will not be paired in the first round.

C$150 of each entry fee goes to the CFC Youth Fund to support Canadian representatives at the World Youth & Cadet Championships

Chess Federation of Canada membership (or FQE for residents of Quebec) is required for all participants.

Format: Seven round tournament to determine the Canadian Champion in twelve sections


Under 18 Open, Under 18 Girls
(Born 1999 or later)

Under 16 Open, Under 16 Girls
(Born 2001 or later)

Under 14 Open, Under 14 Girls
(Born 2003 or later)

Under 12 Open, Under 12 Girls
(Born 2005 or later)

Under 10 Open, Under 10 Girls
(Born 2007 or later)

Under 8 Open, Under 8 Girls
(Born 2009 or later)


Thursday, July 6:
10 a.m.  Round 1
4 p.m.    Round 2

Friday, July 7:
10 a.m.  Round 3
4 p.m.    Round 4
7:30 p.m.  GM Simul

Saturday, July 8:
11 a.m.  Round 5
3:30 p.m.  Bughouse

Sunday, July 9:
11 a.m.  Round 6
2 p.m.    Social
7 p.m.    Blitz

Monday, July 10:
11 a.m.  Round 7
4 p.m.    Closing Ceremonies


40/90 + SD/30 with 30-second increment starting from move one
FIDE official time control for World Youth Championships

Chief Arbiter: IA Aris Marghetis

Ratings used for pairing purposes:
  1. Residents of Quebec: FQE rating (as of July 1, 2017)
  2. Rest of Canada: CFC rating (as of July 1, 2017)
As this is a national championship event, no byes are available. However, an exception has been made for players representing Canada at the Pan-Am Championship, who are eligible to receive half point byes in the first two or three rounds.
Default time: 30 minutes.
All sections rated by CFC / CMA. Under 12/14/16/18 FIDE rated.